Primatech Certification Services (PCS) was founded by Primatech Inc. as an independent organization to certify the competence of process safety personnel. Primatech has provided consulting services for the past 25 years. Primatech has driven the process safety field with innovative approaches and has established a reputation for excellence. PCS continues this tradition by promoting competence management in process safety.

The competence of process safety and risk management personnel is a critical aspect of achieving adequate levels of safety and tolerable levels of risk. Certification of personnel in a variety of other technical disciplines increasingly is common. The importance of the role played by process safety and risk management personnel in helping to ensure the protection of people, property, the environment, and company reputations mandates that such personnel be certified.

Certification is a formal process to verify competence. PCS offers certification to individuals who have met a defined standard of competency through education, experience, practice, training, and knowledge in specific technical areas.

Generally, certification is offered at three increasing levels of competence: Practitioner, Specialist, and Expert. These levels are indicative of a progression in knowledge and understanding and ability to apply skills in specific technical disciplines. PCS offers certification in the following technical disciplines: