Requirements for CPP®

Process hazard analysis (PHA) is the foundation for process safety. The identification of hazard scenarios for a process using techniques such as the hazard and operability (HAZOP) study is necessary for other aspects of process safety to be addressed properly. Consequently it is essential that individuals who lead PHA studies meet a standard for competence. Three increasing levels of competency are offered: Practitioner, Specialist and Expert.

This certification is intended for a process safety professional who is ready to take the role of team leader for PHA studies. A Practitioner has a minimum of one year of relevant experience. This level of certification indicates that the professional has the knowledge and understanding to lead PHA studies competently.

Primacert expects that a Certified PHA Practitioner using the designation CPP® can demonstrate competency by meeting the following requirements:


Academic Qualifications

  • A degree from an accredited university or college in a relevant technical discipline. At a minimum, degree includes three years relevant, full-time tertiary education.
  • If you do not meet these requirements, you may contact Primacert to inquire about alternative qualifications.


  • A minimum of one year of recent and relevant work experience.


  • Successful completion within the last three years of a training course designed to teach participants how to conduct a PHA study, such as Primatech's PHA for Team Leaders. If this course was completed more than three years before the application date but within five years, then a refresher course, such as, Primatech's Refresher Training for Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Team Leaders attended within the last two years.


  • Two references from supervisor / manager / peer who can attest to academic qualifications, work experience and professional ethics.


  • Successful completion of the Primacert examination for CPP®
  • For a list of examination topics, see PHA Examination Topics.


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